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Raised Toilet Seat without Armrests
Raised Toilet Seat - Click the picture for more product information

Raised Toilet Seat:
Ideal For: Assisting with sitting on and raising from toilet
Discreet Packaging: Not available
Free Delivery: In Ontario, with any 2+ cases

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6486A Raised Locking Toilet Seat

Raised Toilet Seat:

- Designed for those who have difficulty sitting down or standing up from the toilet.
- Adds 4 _" to toilet seat height, reducing bending effort.
- Front clamping mechanism locks securely to the toilet and prevents shifting of the seat.
- Wide, contoured seating surface is comfortable. White, heavy duty plastic construction is strong and durable.
- 300 lb maximum weight capacity.
- Lifetime limited warranty.
- ** Not available in discreet packaging **
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